A classic. From I Thessalonians 4, Dr. Stephen Olford brings clarity and definition to the two opposing world views held by Christians on marriage. The difference is dynamic. Gently yet passionately, he lifts the listener up and away from the dubious question: “How can I find the right life partner?” to a glorious and deliberate decision: “Will I lead a life of desecration: second-guessing God and defrauding others; or a life of consecration, where Christ is given absolute free reign to carry out His good, acceptable and perfect will in His perfect time?”


Length: 45 min.

Primary Topic: Courtship & Dating

Date: 2002


2 thoughts on “Do Not Lust”

  1. God’s ways work!

    Mr. Olford has a persuasive way of saying “The new ways are old and the “old” ways are new”. I appreciate his love for timeless truth. He is a blessing to hear.

    Thank you for this message.

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