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In Matthew 5,6,7, Christ preached the greatest oration on earth, the Sermon on the Mount. In it, He said that Christians are like salt to the earth. Salt burns, and cleanses, and preserves. Likewise, when the body of Christ is holy, God puts those around us under deep conviction. But what happens when the salt has lost its effectiveness? Powerful speaker Keith Daniels presents a sobering message on the church and its appalling indifference to real holiness. Quoting three chapters verbatim, Keith reveals that our greatest effectiveness in this world is when each believer is broken and humbled before God; hungering and thirsting for Jesus Christ; and desperate for His presence more than anything else. What is needed today, states Keith Daniels, is a brand of Christians who are focused on Christ as their vital reality!

Throughout the message, Keith Daniels drives home this provoking question: Are we willing to give up everything, to achieve this holiness? Repent is a powerful, sobering message, and a timely reminder to re-evaluate our standing.