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Changes in Our Nation That Should Motivate Us to Run to Win


Beginning with II Timothy 3:16, David Barton unveils the application of Biblical principle to secular government. Summarizing large sections of American history and the sermons of early church leaders, he challenges Chrisians to remember the faith of their fathers and remain faithful in relating the truth of Scripture to every academic field rather than surrendering to the humanism prevailing in our courts. Our faith is not for church and family life only. Rather it equips the saints to every good work! When God’s Word is not compartmentalized but obeyed, it will have the power to bring transformation and revival.



Length: 90 min.

Primary Topic: American History & Law

Date: 2009

Speaker: David Barton

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    Thank you, Rev. Barton for your usual great information. I only subscribed to the Embassy Institute this year when I learned about it. The subscription fee should be much larger and much more publicized.

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