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Chained to the Chariot


“We experience as much victory in Christ as He is experiencing in us!” Full surrender. Full submission. The life-changing truth of II Corinthians 2:14 takes on practical and picturesque meaning as Ron Dunn explains in terms of ancient Rome and terms of daily living how necessarily and how unconditionally, how truly and how wonderfully faith is the victory: the victory that overcomes the world. A classic sermon.



Length: 52 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 1994

Speaker: Ron Dunn

3 thoughts on “Chained to the Chariot”

  1. Thank you Bill for being directed of God to have the staff He sent you – one of which is Robert Staddon who got this message, via the internet, to me through Embassy Institute membership I have had now for years. Thank you for allowing me and other men and women speak their hearts as you stepped aside and let God express through them and me how God used you to inspire the messages God is building in each one of us. Your humility is of God and that humility is seen in those with whom you have poured your life message. God was and is still building His wonderful in your life. Thanks for being a great example of being ‘Conquered’. I thank God He is showing me to be conquered, stay conquered and enjoy the victory in Jesus. “We are more than conquerers in Christ Jesus” Thank you Ron. With my Bevy gone to be with Jesus April 12, 2013 I find Phil 4:6-9 and 13 living proof of living today instead of yesterday. Jesus is already in tomorrow and He tells me the only time I can stay conquered is today – moment by moment. That’s all He gives me and that’s all I can handle with His Grace. God Bless you Bill, Robert and staff and yes thank you Ron!!
    Jon (Bev’s with Jesus) Burnham

  2. In watching and releasing our Beloved, 12-17-12, to go to be with our Lord, its been more like He, Jesus, has gently brought us, in His mercy, into His Chariot to lean on His heart and not our own understanding. He’s called us to “ still and know He is God”. Bless His great sweet heart towards us!!!
    For this, too, we have Jesus.

  3. God has once again used your faithfulness in managing this continuing ministry to us! This message was definitely of Christ to me at a time of desperate need! Once again it ministered to me yesterday and today! God bless you! Paul Wilson

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