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Causes and Cures of Financial Stress


This is Jim Sammons’ most comprehensive message on financial freedom. Because he has worked out the Financial Freedom Seminar in his own life and seen God’s ways work in the lives of those who come to him for counsel, he is able to distil key factors clearly, considering all the perspectives of business, management, personal life, marriage and family, ministry, and most of all the perspective of God’s higher purpose in the provision, or loss, of money. Whether you are looking for a budget that works for newly married couples, a way to assess your financial stability, a reason for a particular financial difficulty, or a succinct way to introduce the whole concept of financial responsibility to someone else you know, this summary will lend a spirit of wisdom to the situation. God’s principles do not stop working when the economy does. God bless you as you explore and experience the laws our Provider has set up for sowing and reaping.



Length: 49 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, Managing Money

Date: 2009

Speaker: Jim Sammons

3 thoughts on “Causes and Cures of Financial Stress”

  1. I owe so much to Mr. Sammons because I started reading the Psalms of the Day in January 2015 based on his recommendation in a Financial Freedom video. Thank you, Mr. Sammons, for being faithful to tell your testimony with such humility and honesty and for not failing to recommend the Psalms of the Day one-more-time. Your humble encouragement was exactly what I needed and I can truly say it saved my sanity, my marriage and probably my life! This is not an exaggeration. Thanks also to Mr. Gothard for recommending the Psalms of the Day in the IBYC conferences so many years ago. I wish I had obeyed then.

  2. Cathrine E. Rose

    We are so thankful to Mr. Sammons. Within 6 months we were debt free—even though our math “said” 3 to 5 years of hard work. God truly blesses the right direction!

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