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Bethlehem—Did I hear God right?


“You can’t always know when God is using you the most.” Often when you wonder if God is even present, He will actually be performing His most glorious work. His grandest purposes can be fulfilled in the worst of places. And His way of doing it is usually beyond imagination. That’s why endurance during difficult times can bring God as much glory as finishing well. Doug Small’s realistic look at Bethlehem will give you a glimpse of what it takes to see your own life in a supernatural, yet just as realistic way. Follow the call through valley, dungeon, or stable.



Length: 46 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Speaker: Doug Small

1 thought on “Bethlehem—Did I hear God right?”

  1. Thank you Doug. Seemless continuity through cultures and casualties, in order to grasp the constance of GOD’S will working Itself out through the vessel completely yielded to Him!

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