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Avoiding Dating Traps: Victory Over the Dating Spirit


Even well trained Christian young people who know the dangers of the boyfriend girlfriend game can still give away their hearts without realizing it. Consider committing to God’s service in your single years and, when the right time comes, to being a one-woman man or a one-man woman. With his thought-provoking analogies, clear points and practical advice, S. M. Davis shows the long range results that come from wanting God’s chosen life partner alone. From the perspective of Scripture and human experience both, it is clear that there is only one way to maintain emotional stability, avoid the painful results of defrauding, serve God joyfully in thet single years, develop a wise answer for questioning skeptics, and build an exciting foundation for the bond that begins at the marriage altar between two hearts saved for one another.



Length: 66 min.

Primary Topic: Courtship & Dating, Prayer

Date: 2010

Speaker: S. M. Davis

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