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The Amazon and Beyond


From the forest floor to the highest canopy, rainforests are a showcase for the animal world. In the next few minutes, you can explore and see the way jungle plants, insects, serpents, tropical birds and exotic mammals all work together—primates in particular! Monkeys, Apes and that third, little-known group of primates called Prosimians are favorites for Dan “The Animal Man” Breeding! These rarely-seen but often loud and strange-sounding members of God’s creation function splendidly not only as acrobats, “seed-dispersers,” and pollinators, but as a means for us to witness and show our friends the creative power of the Lord. Jobe Martin and his fellow naturalists pack more than a dozen different species into this, the last and longest venture, “The Amazon and Beyond”.

Animals include:

  • The Macaw
  • The Kinkajou
  • The Marmoset, miniature monkey of the Amazon
  • From Brazil Nut Trees to Leafcutter Ants
  • Anacondas
  • Spider Monkeys
  • Lemurs, friendly phantoms of Madagascar
  • Mutualism of the Acacia Tree and the Ant
  • The Bush Baby or Galago
  • Toucans
  • The Slow Loris, poisonous primate
  • The Three-Banded Armadillo


Length: 105 min.

Primary Topic: Discipleship, Evangelism

Date: 2015

Speaker: Dr. Jobe Martin


2 thoughts on “The Amazon and Beyond”

  1. This is definitely my favorite part of Creation Proclaims.

    Thank you Martin Family. If I’m never able to penetrate the Amazon myself, seeing your intro here to it’s overlooked secrets was the next best thing. I never knew spider monkeys had lost the genetic information for a thumb or that nut growers had to go through so much to produce Brazil Nuts commercially. Thank you also for the constant rehearsal of the simple truths in Colossians Chapter One.

    The analogies are clear and the fresh emphasis on discipleship is appreciated! God be with you in your ministry.

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